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Games and toys were originally invented to pass the time and busy the body.  Later these gadgets and gizmos were created to develop brain power as well.  Today we also use them for child development, exercise and just plain fun.  Can you find a game or toy gadget or gizmo that tickles your fancy?

Did you know:

--"the game "Yahtzee" was invented (according to Hasbro)  by a Canadian couple who used to play the game on their yacht?  It involves five dice that you throw and record your results by trying to get as many points as possible to win the game.

--  what board game was banned in Russia until 1988? (Monopoly)

-- how many points is each Pac-Man power pill worth?  (50)

-- what toys did Lego manufactured prior to plastic brick toys?  ( Stepladders, ironing boards, and wooden toys)