NOGIN SOX, Decorative Helmet Covers
NOGIN SOX, Decorative Helmet Covers
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Nogin-Sox Decorative Helmet Covers are innovative soft-foam helmet covers that attach easily to your protective helmet with hook and loop fasteners.  Get your youngsters to weat their safety helmets with this simple idea that makes perfect sense and is FUN TOO!  Some models have lights that not only provide fun but also afford the wearer added visibility for nighttime use.  Great for any active sport that requires or encourages the use of a protective helmet: bicycling, rollerblading, and skateboarding.  Nogin Sox are not to be use as a protective or safety device.  Available in 5 models: T-Rex, and Lighted Spiked Mohawk are $24.95.  The other 3 models, the Frog, Spiked Mohawk, and  Spiked Mohawk with Eyes are $19.95.   All weigh 8 ozs or less.  

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T-REX- $24.95  NOW $19.95

You'll love this throwback to the time when dinosaurs walked the land.  Our T-Rex has lighted eyes that glare and teeth that flash and weighs less than 8 ozs.  The T-Rex is designed to fit all sports helmets.

Lady Bug! Lady Bug! Fly away home!   If cute is your thing, then Lady Bug is your cover.  You'll love to watch her flashing red, yellow, and green LED  lights her flight, while antennae sway gracefully above her head.  Lady Bug's adorable smile has only one match - the smile of the young lady whose helmet this cover is sitting on.    SORRY SOLD OUT

FROG - $19.95  NOW $14.95
This grown-up tadpole has a personality - the Screamin' Frog animates as you move flapping and his feet furiously flopping!

SPIKED MOHAWK - $19.95 NOW $14.95