Handy Dandy Pepper Roasters
Handy Dandy Pepper Roasters
Handle for grillerDutch oven griller
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Cooking stuffed peppers can be a real challenge.  Stuffing the peppers in a upright position can be frustating and keeping the ingredients inside the peppers while cooking can be nearly impossible. Our Handy Dandy Pepper Roaster, made of heavy stainless steel for stability heat retention, is the solution.   The pepper griller comes in various sizes and shapes to accomodate smaller peppers such as jalapenos or larger bell peppers.   Not only do we have the pepper roaster but also a special corer to hollow out seeds and veins and a durable handle for removing the grill from the BBQ or oven.  Each pepper rack comes with instructions and various recipes for jalapeno poppers and stuffed bell peppers.  Enjoy your handy dandy pepper roaster.

Also available : Handles and Corers in package deals or sold individually. 

Price varies with sizes and styles

Shipping USPS Priority Flat Rate $10.50
MULTIPLE ITEMS NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEE.                                                                                            PLEASE CALL OR E-MAIL FOR INSTRUCTIONS
Large Pepper Roaster 6 holes rectangular 13.5 oz 14 1/2" X 7"
Round Dutch Oven Roaster 6.8oz 8 1/4 dia.
Small Pepper Roaster 12 holes rectangular 11.4oz 11" X 6"
All Made of Steel