Jeweled Plug-In Stylus
Jeweled Plug-In Stylus
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Trendy Touch Stylus is bling fashion with funtional use on smartphones, tablets, and any touchscreen device. This 2 inch Stylus is designed to plug into the audio jack for safe storage.  The Stylus is equipped with coil extended-reach cord ( phone type) which allows you to use it without unplugging it from the device.  This way you can always have your Stylus with your device.  No more looking all over for it.  The soft round 7 mm black tip easily glides to help prevent scratches and germy smudges on your  screen.  

The Stylus comes in 9 colors; silver, gold, green, blue, purple, red, light pink,  dark pink,and black. 
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Price: $4.50

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