2X2 polyester pocket4X4 polester pocket4X44 felt wall pocket
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Create beautiful living wall systems!  No place for pots? Want privacy?  Ugly walls?  Flexible felt or polyester pockets hang on just about any vertical surface including irregular walls, fences or lattice.  Transform plain or ugly areas into beautiful gardens with these patented breathable pockets which allow excess moisture to evaporate or pass through.  

And for you RV'ers, when you're ready to move on, simply move your hanging garden inside or empty, fold and store.  Use over and over.

Choose from:

4X1 Felt Pocket  11 1/2"W  X 23" H   $20.00
2X2 Polyester Pocket  17' W X 17" H  $15.00
4X4 Polyester Pocket  34 1/2" W X 34 1/2" H  $25.00

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